About the Journal

Confinia Cephalalgica et Neurologica publishes, with quarterly periodicity, theoretical and experimental contributions of biomedical researches and in human sciences of a multidisciplinary nature, primarily dedicated to Clinical Neuroscience, with particular but not exclusive, reference to the study, diagnosis and treatment of headaches and other headaches, in the broadest sense of syndromes and complex painful manifestations on the borders between nature and culture, between mind and brain, archetypes, behaviors and lifestyle. The new editorial plan of the magazine reflects, in its architecture, an idea of “forum circle”, “gym constellation” of researches and contributions that, starting from the central core of headaches and related adaptive disorders, develops in increasingly broad circles of reflection and insights in the belief that the communication of science should not speak only English and that the journal can be a tool to constitute a network of connection between non-English speaking populations. It is no coincidence that the titles, abstracts and keywords of the contributions are also published in Spanish and/or Portuguese.

Open Access Policy

The Journal publishes in open access