Unbiased research is needed for rational translation of essential oils in clinic

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Damiana Scuteri
Laura Rombolà
Luigi Antonio Morrone
Shinobu Sakurada
Tsukasa Sakurada
Paolo Tonin
Giorgio Sandrini
Giacinto Bagetta
Maria Tiziana Corasaniti


bias, clinical aromatherapy, bergamot essential oil, NanoBEO, severe dementia, pain, agitation, I-MOBID-2, CONSORT


The use of complementary and integrative therapies is steadily growing though the quality of clinic evidence for the use of essential oils is hampered by several methodological biases. Lack of rigorous methodology in clinical studies with aromatherapy originates poor quality evidence and scientific response to overcome the biases of this field of research is needed. Accordingly, here we display a possible step-by-step preclinical-to-clinical pathway, that was followed for the essential oil of bergamot (BEO), to overcome typical biases of research in the field of essential oils, in order to provide good quality body of evidence. 


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